Friday, March 6, 2009

Recession + eBay = you knew this was coming

A laid-off father has decided to auction his family - for marketing purposes - on eBay.

Loren Guerra, from Austin, Texas, is hoping to find a company willing to spend $50,000 to use his family of five as an advertising tool. Guerra lost his job as an IT recruiter last month. His auction ends Sunday.

The eBay ad, titled "Seeking Corporate 'Sponsor' for All American Family!!", helpfully suggests the family - Loren, wife Katina, and three children, each under 10 years old - for several advertising opportunities. They include: public events such as home & garden shows and festivals, branded clothing, wrapping their two "well kept" cars in advertisements, and regional and print ad campaigns.

We'd like to know what you think. A sad illustration of (pick one or more) difficult times, desperate people, public immodesty? Or a potentially shrewd customized stimulus?

Certainly, this isn't the first "market me" eBay stunt. Four years ago, Myrtle Beach's Amber Rainey auctioned off advertising space on her pregnant belly for $4,000 to, which then successfully bid more than $20,000 for the filming rights to her birth.

Guerra, in his eBay ad and subsequent talk shows, has attempted to minimize the crass factor of his offer. The family, he says, will not accept bids by "non-family oriented brands" in tobacco, casino, alcohol, or adult industries.

Current bid is at $17,100, up from $9,900 this morning.


chupacabra said...

I blame reality tv for this sort of idiocy.

I also blame reality tv for the octomom deal. Oh come on you know she just had all those kids so she could land a tv show.

Mama Glenda said...

I think that dad is pretty savvy and smart. Companies still need to sell products and what better venue than an "all American family."

As for the octomom, she's a sad case -- the tabloids and media are making a mockery of her obvious mental disability.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my language, but we've become a nation of 'whores", willing to do or sell anything for a buck. I don't see any difference between this and a prostitute on the street.

Another example....ride down indenpendence at night and see the Bojangles sign on top of the (once) Independence arena. No pride or shame anymore with Americans, "show me the money."

Anonymous said...

It may not be such a bad idea. But the person that comes up with the idea first is usually the only one who makes money. This is better than taking handouts til he finds a job.