Thursday, March 12, 2009

Downsize Me Elmo

Some bad news and - if you dare - some end-of-the-day levity.

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization that produces “Sesame Street,” is cutting 20 percent of its workforce because of the recession, Bloomberg reported today.

The New York-based company said it eliminated 67 of 355 staff positions. “Sesame Street,” featuring characters such as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, has been on the air since 1969 and is the most widely viewed children’s TV show in the world, according to the producers.

Our question for you: If you got to make the call, which Sesame Street character would get laid off? Which one would absolutely be safe?

An informal poll of Squeeze associates from around Charlotte prompted varied (and surprisingly passionate) answers. Among the leaders: Bert ("unable to complete tasks assigned to him"); Cookie Monster ("crummy attitude"); and Elmo, just because.

The clear winner: newest character Abby Cadabby. "Last one in, first one out," said more than one respondent.

Very safe: The Count ("He's the number cruncher.")

Take a breather from the gloom. Cast your votes here or over to the right. 


Anonymous said...

Elmo, hands down. no offense to the little red guy, but the voice, the laugh, the song. I can't take it anymore. It's a cold, hard world, elmo.

Vincent said...

Twiddlebugs are an evil lot
you can only see them as they are, in their hideous natural form if
you wear special 1971 Johnny Quest Glasses, they voted Obama without reading the ballot, theyz gotz to go. By the way if you wondered what Tammy Faye looked like under all that make up, ebay some of those Johnny Quest glasses.

Harvey Kneeslapper, straight up trooper, he stays with a raise... a bottle of 1990 Caymus Cabernet as a non tax payer or bailout funded bonus ...

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Oscar the grouch has got to go, these economic times are tough enough we do not need a grouch to pull down the moral for those remaining on the "Street".

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where the home values on Sesame Street have been? Could be worse, the folks over at 21 Jump Street have been laid off a long time...

b2 said...

Abby cawho? Branding's not strong with this one. She's gotta go.