Thursday, October 8, 2009

Charities need marketing help

In the last year, we've seen Charlotte's volunteer spirit manifest in a variety of ways from large cash donations to runners logging miles for charity to truckloads of food delivered to the needy.

This week, we spotlight the work of Luquire George Andrews, the marketing firm.
Next week, LGA will participate in Goodstock, a 25-hour marketing marathon at the firm. Staff members will provide free creative, public relations and related services to nine selected charities.

This year's winners include the Carolina Raptor Center, Charlotte Community Health Clinic, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Council on Aging, the International House, Jacob's Ladder and Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center.

Knupp & Watson, a firm in Madison, Wis., created the original Goodstock five years ago to support nonprofit groups in its area. LGA and Knupp & Watson hope Goodstock will become an annual event here and that other Charlotte area marketing companies will participate.

I hope so, too.

When we think of helping nonprofits, we often think about volunteering hours to deliver services to those in need or donating money to pay for items that directly help people. Charities need those things and more. Many charities need help with marketing so they can better inform the public about what they do. Some charities haven't had their brochures updated in several years. Others need help creating or updating their Web sites.

For example, Charlotte Emergency Housing, which helps homeless families, is a member of the Homeless Services Network. It is a network of 39 agencies that serve homeless individuals in different ways. The network has existed for several years, but doesn't have a media kit or Web site that details the services each agency provides.

Something like this would be invaluable to people in need, volunteers and the media. But creating a Web site costs money, and that's something charities mostly spend on direct client services.

I'm excited they plan to make Goodstock an annual event, but let's not wait until next year to help other area nonprofits spread their message.

Many charities need marketing help now


jenifer daniels - the friendraiser said...

interesting thing about this story is that while the NFPs need the help, they rarely know until things hit the fan' and when they realize they need it, they haven't budgeted for it and can't pay for it.

they should plan better because there are many freelancers like myself (who specialize in NFPs) who are longing to help.

double edged sword.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing attention to this important service. What a great group of organizations to help! I also sat in on a meeting with NPower, which "provides comprehensive, high-quality and affordable technology assistance to other nonprofit groups." It is gratifying to know that there are so many people sharing their gifts in this way.