Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is consolidation the solution for charities?

Observer reporter Eric Frazier appeared on Mike Collins this morning to talk about consolidating non-profits. The question is does consolidation really save money? And are the communities served gipped when agencies merge?

From WFAE's: These days, there's a lot of talk about whether non-profits should consolidate all or at least a portion of their operations. As part of a media collaboration called Charlotte Mission Possible, we asked for public input on how to improve charitable non-profits. Consolidation emerged as a strong theme.

Both WFAE and the Charlotte Observer have taken a closer look at this issue with stories in the past week. In this segment, Morning Edition host Scott Graf talks to WFAE's Julie Rose and Eric Frazier of the Charlotte Observer about what they learned.

Read the transcript.


GMSwyers said...

Development / fund raising is a huge burden on non-profits...

In reality - organizations like the United Way consolidated the efforts of many non-profits into one effort.


So my answer is YES to consolidation. NOT in vision but in their organizational structures. Common HR, PR, Marketing, and development teams could yield substantial savings and increase reach.