Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oktoberfest raises $160,000 for charities

Charlotte Oktoberfest fans may know the beer festival is one of the best events in the city with its extensive sampling selection, good music and fun crowd. But, fans may not know that in its 10-year history the festival has raised $160,000 for local charities.

"Our goal has always been to support local charities," said Oktoberfest president Rick Benfield.

Benfield said the organizers have done such a good job of promoting the beer portion of the festival that many people don't realize it has a charitable component.

Last year's festival was at Memorial Stadium, but this year's festival will be at Metrolina Expo on Oct. 10. At least 5,000 people attended last year, and organizers are expecting the same turnout this month. Unlike previous years when it's been at the Expo, the festival will be completely outdoors, Benfield said. The festival features samplings of more than 300 craft brews from dozens of brewers. There will be live music as well.

This year's donations will go to Victory Junction, a year-round camping environment for children ages six to 16. Money will help children from Mecklenburg County attend the free camp, which is in Randleman. The camp has a sports center, fishing, arts and theater, a water park, water sports and more.

Oktoberfest will also donate money to the National Kidney Foundation. Benfield said the National Kidney Foundation experienced a decrease in funding for local camps. The local chapter will also supply volunteers for the festival.

Charlotte Oktoberfest Oct. 10, 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. Metrolina Expo, 7100 Statesville Road. Tickets are $35. As of this week, only 400 tickets remained.

Drink responsibly; the festival has roundtrip shuttle service from the expo to uptown.


Karl said...

This festival absolutely ROCKS! A great time to enjoy a huge sampling of incredible beers from around the world, all for $35. Note: If you think this is just a big drunkfest, think again. Public drunkedness is not tolerated and our friendly officers in blue will gladly escort you to the gate.

There are only about 125 tickets left so if you're interested in going, go to to purchase tickets today before it's too late!

Rob said...

As of last night there were less than 150 tickets left.

Anonymous said...

Went for the first several years, I think the best one they ever had was when it was behind the Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa. They should have it there again!!!

On the other hand, if you and another person go, that's $70. I could buy a heck of a lot of beer for that.