Thursday, July 30, 2009

Social media crash course for non-profits

If you have a non-profit and you’re clueless about using social media tools then NPower’s upcoming summit is for you.

NPower is a national organization that helps charities and non-profits better use technology to achieve their goals, raise awareness and generate donations. On August 12, NPower’s Charlotte affiliate will host Strike Up an Online Conversation. The two-hour workshop will discuss how social networking can improve visibility and communication with the public.

"These are tools we believe can help organizations in a very economical way to reach out and find new volunteers, new donors and to build awareness," said Chris Meade, executive director of NPower for the Charlotte region.

The workshop is part of NPower’s Project Ignite campaign, which is a three-year program that specializes in providing information technology services to non-profit organizations. The Project consists of forums, community group collaborations and financial assistance to help groups enhance their IT structure.

NPower has already helped more than 60 organizations in the area, including private school PTAs, the Light Factory and Duke Endowment, Meade said. Project Ignite’s objective is to help non-profits use more current Web-based technology and become technological leaders.

Typically, non-profits are the last to embrace current technology, he said.
Project Ignite hopes to change that.

Strike Up an Online Conversation, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., Aug. 12. Microsoft Campus, 8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte.
To register for the workshop or get information about receiving services from NPower go to:


Dee said...

The Light Factory is excited to be on the panel for the upcoming Summit, having embraced social media early-on. We have found it to be a great resource in building community. Check out to connect to our fan page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.