Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy's cause becoming family/friends affair

The Cliff just can't get enough of Anthony Adams. Another weekend, another lemonade stand and another lift for the fight against cancer.

Anthony's the 7-year-old cancer survivor who has taken his stand on the road and raised hundreds of dollars for his favorite charity, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Saturday he and his grandmother, Phyllis Adams, set up the stand at the Belmont General Store in downtown Belmont. They took in $156.27, to bring his total for two efforts to $343.27, reports his mother Christie Adams.

They were joined by Anthony's friend, Molly Stewart.

"The lemonade stand is quickly becoming a full family and friends affair -- Anthony has friends from school lined up to help at the next few stands," Christie said. "What better way to build awareness, empathy and compassion."

Anthony, she said, is amazed at the generosity of people, plunking down hard-earned money for a cup of his lemonade and to join the fight against cancer. He's amazed, too, that "most people either knew someone who had cancer or had been a patient themselves," his mother said.

"Anthony thinks that it's not fair for kids to get cancer, for anyone to get cancer and have to lose precious hours, days, weeks being hooked up to an IV with Chemo being pumped into their body. He is not emotionally scarred from his experiences, but he is far more mature than the average 7-year-old should be. I realize he will change the world in his own way, in his own time. He is my hero."

His cause really has become a family affair. Anthony's father, Franklin, is a photographer and manager of Biggs Camera on Kings Drive. Franklin appealed to the photography community to volunteer time and equipment for "Smile for Life," a fundraiser July 25 and Aug. 22 in Charlotte and Belmont for LLS. To get more information on the event click here.

Friday, Anthony will do a double-header with his lemonade stand: He'll be at the Black Lion on Park Road in Charlotte from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and then he pack it up and take it to the Friday Night Live festival in Belmont.

Stop by and see him -- and prepare to be inspired.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Anthony! We are so proud to see you taking your cause on the road and sharing your passion with people all around city. At only 7 yrs old, you are a hero in alot of people's eyes! Keep up the good work! ~Your Chantilly schoolmates, Jaylen & Kendall McGill

Mimmy said...

Way to go Anthony. I plan to e-mail this article to all of my 12 grandchildren who are old enough to see that young people can make a big difference in this world. You are a young man with a lot of heart and you deserve a big round of applause. All I can give is some cyber hugs and a great big smile. Take care and

God Bless,

((((((( ))))))) :-)