Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lemonade brigade is revving up

A new lemonade stand - and some fine results - to report:

Anthony Adams, 7, will be hosting a lemonade/baked yummies stand on Friday, July 3 at Biggs Camera, 803 S. Kings Dr. The stand will open at 11 a.m. and run until everything is gone.

Anthony is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). He is a cancer survivor; two months before his third birthday, he was diagnosed with childhood leukemia. His family has since become active with the LLS and its Light the Night Walk. The lemonade stand will help raise money, raise awareness and build a healthy community.

Anthony will be taking the lemonade stand on the road all around Charlotte this summer. To learn more about Anthony and our families' adventure with cancer, please visit our Light The Night Team web site.

Don't forget another lemonade stand Friday - on Somerset Drive (parallel to Park Road and between Lilac Road and Princeton Avenue), where you'll find homemade strawberry lemonade Friday from 4-6 p.m.

Keep track of all upcoming lemonade stands over to your right.

Now, your results:

On Wednesday in the Montibello neighborhood, the Brown children - in the picture above, Andrew (9), Owen (6), Emily (11) and good friend, Hailey Valeriano (11) - sold chocolate chip cookies and lemonade and collected an impressive $38.50, which they will donate to A Child's Place.

They enjoyed their time so much that they're already planning a future stand.

Also Wednesday, 6-year-old Finn Rissanen, who gave Cliff readers some lemonade stand tips earlier this week, operated a stand in his front yard. Finn, with some additional publicity from our media partner, WCNC, raised $103.25. He'll be donating the money to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte.

Congratulations to Finn, the Browns and Hailey.

Tell us about a lemonade stand or other fundraising effort you’re planning, and we’ll give parched readers a nudge your way by publicizing your stand’s location in the Observer and on

You also can just report your results and send us pictures (or, if you’re ambitious, a YouTube video link), and we’ll publish them, too.


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean News 14 Carolina? They provided coverage starting at 9pm last night and through the morning this morning of Matthew and Fin's stand.

pstonge said...

We hadn't seen News 14's report. But WCNC was there, as well. Glad Finn got some good attention.

Anonymous said...

Good for them (and for the causes they support)! Thanks for telling us about these terrific young people out making a difference!

Anonymous said...

I get it, the adults working for the big corporations in this city have taken a stand against getting stiff armed into making donations to crooks so now you're going after kids.

These kids should put all this money they're making into a savings account so they can pay for college or their own healthcare some day.