Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another deer hunt, another opportunity to help

We told you earlier this month about a Charlotte woman, Rachel Humphries, who helped bring Charlotte's Montagnard refugee community a taste of home by providing them deer killed by hunters at a Mecklenburg County sponsored deer hunt. Humphries supplied five deer from the hunt to Montagnards, who were persecuted in Vietnam before being placed in the U.S. by the United Nations.

The county is holding another hunt at three Mecklenburg parks on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 to help thin a troublesome deer overpopulation. For more information on the hunt, contact Mecklenburg's Ronny Roberts at 704-583-1176. To help Humphries and the Montagnards, call her at 704-458-3245 or visit

- Peter St. Onge


Anonymous said...

I recall they burned the hair off it with a torch. I had never seen that done, looked awful. I can't imagine the smell and how unsanitary that was for the meat they got.

The lady that is giving them the deer should give a tip on skinning them, it's much easier and cleaner. It's the normal way to process one.

I love that we are controlling the deer population and feeding people.