Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will merging hurt small non-profits

The conversation turned a little rowdy when participants suggested consolidating administrative operations for charities.

Some said charities won't have a choice. It's merge or die.

Ricky Woods, pastor of First Baptist Woods, said he was concerned that when charities merge administrative operation, smaller charities tend to be eliminated.

One woman said she works at a charity that has combined administrative functions and it works well, and client confidentiality is protected.

What do you think? Would merging be good or bad for smaller non-profits? And is more consolidation inevitable.


tator0 said...

yes I don't know where these people are gettin help but all churches do not preach to people they help, but thats whats wrong with the world today they want help but they never give back. I am really tired of people coming down on churches but we can take it thank the Lord, my church helped 31 families today with our food pantry You always hear bad things about churches but as you can see they always turn to us for help. MAY GOD BLESS IN ALL YOU DO