Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beer games to help fight breast cancer

Angela Mirarchi's feels extraordinarily blessed by her family's good health. No one has cancer, or any other catastrophic illness.

She wants to celebrate that good fortune by walking 39 miles in two days -- to help those who aren't so lucky.

On Oct. 24, the 29-year-old Charlotte banker is going to walk a marathon (26 miles, 385 yards) and a half-marathon the next day, all to raise money for the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade.

The crusade provides for screening, support and treatment for medically under-insured women and men. Charlotte's Avon Walk is one of several across the country.

"I feel intensely lucky that my family has incredible health," Mirarchi said. "And I thought there's got to be some way to give back for my good health -- to help others."

It will be her second Avon Walk. Her entry fee: $1,800.

That's where her friend Nicky Green comes in.

Green is a purveyor of fun. To raise Mirarchi's admission, she's organized "Save Second Base -- the Sequel" on Aug. 22, an afternoon of beer games and parties at three uptown Charlotte bars. She's calling for 20 teams of four (ponying up $65 per team) and as many supporters as the government-regulated maximum occupancy will allow to make a donation at the door for beer specials and a chance to help the cause.

Doors open at 2 p.m.; games begin at 3.

It all starts at Connolly's on Fifth, 115 E. 5th St., where teams will compete in Beer Pong (bouncing ping pong balls in cups of beer) and "corn hole" (tossing bean bags through holes) and then move up the street to Buckhead Saloon, 201 E. 5th. There the teams will play Flip Cup, a game that involves grown people trying flick a plastic cup 180 degrees. The awards and post-games party will be at 7 p.m., at Howl at the Moon, 210 E. Trade St.

"We wanted to get all of Angela's fundraising done in one night," Green said. "It's all fun, but we're making sure everyone knows it's for a good cause -- it's a win-win for everyone."

Mirarchi has always active and likes playing sports like volleyball, but was never a walker. Green told her not to worry about raising her entry fee -- just walk.

"So I've been walking, walking and walking some more," Mirarchi said. "Walking last year's Avon was completely exhausting, but one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling things I've ever done.

"Once I got done, I decided then that there's no way I'm not going to do it again. I felt very special to be a part of it."


Anonymous said...

I know both Ang and Nicky, and they are awesome people. Good work ladies! Unfortunately I can't attend the event myself since I'll be out of town, but you can count on my support Ang!

Anonymous said...

I good friend of mine is breast cancer survivor. Her oncologists told her "you must loose 100 lbs or the cancer will return". Something about estrogen and fat cells. My friend began a no-sugar, no-wheat diet and thanks to OA (over-eaters anonymous) she is 75 lbs lighter. Isn't it ironic that a beer game will help overcome the cancer it contributes to.